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My Efficient Solution

Services offered include;
Office Solutions -Set up systems for handling mail and other incoming paperwork, Set up online bill payment, Review and modify existing filing system, Assist with improving time management, Set up and maintain Quicken and QuickBooks file.
Needs Assessment
A two to three hour consultation where we review your current situation and start to create a plan for moving you from where you are today to where you want to be. With this plan, you can choose to do the work yourself or hire us to work alongside you to complete the plan.
Estate Information Organizing
Organization and documentation of all personal, legal and financial information, including final arrangements. This is not financial planning, but is a repository for all of your important information.
Project Management
We can manage all of the details of a project from start to finish. Projects can include moving or remodeling your home or business, staging an estate sale, coordinating vendors for a large event, or anything else that requires coordination of multiple people.

751 Laurel Street #709
San Carlos
CA 94070
phone: (650) 261-1263

Event Planning

Land use and Governmental Relations


Cook Engineering Inc

Advanced Technologies Project Consulting. Provides effecient, cost-effective engineering and management services for microelectronics and advanced technologies projects.
2804 Brittan Avenue
San Carlos
CA 94070
phone: (650) 537-1198
fax: (650) 508-1198



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