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General Phone Numbers
PG&E Natural Gas Line 147 Hotline 650.802.4455
Public Information Office 650.802.4228
Mayor/City Council 650.802.4219
Police Services (Non Emergency) 650.802.4277
Fire Services (Non Emergency) 650.780.7400
City Manager 650.802.4228
Administrative Services 650.802.4128
- Finance Division 650.802.4213
- City Treasurer 650.483.3001
- Human Resources Division 650.802.4206
- Information Technology Division 650.802.4422
- Risk Management 650.802.4206
Community Relations/City Clerk 650.802.4222
City Attorney (Greg Rubens) 650.593.3117
Parks & Recreation Department 650.802.4382
- Adult Community Center (Senior Services) 650.802.4384
- Youth Center 650.802.4471
- Athletics 650.802.4120
- Classes & Programs (RecConnect.Net) 650.802.4382
Public Works
- Engineering 650.802.4200
- Sewer, Storm and Street Maintenance 650.802.4140
- Sewer, Storm and Street Maintenance
(After hours & weekends only - Emergency Police Dispatch line)
Community Development Department 650.802.4263
- Economic Development & Housing Division 650.802.4263
- Building Division 650.802.4261
- Planning Division 650.802.4263
General Services/Corporation Yard 650.802.4140

City Council
Mayor Bob Grassilli 650.802.4160
Vice Mayor Cameron Johnson 650.802.4162
Council Member Ron Collins 650.802.4161
Council Member Matt Grocott  650.802.4163
Council Member Mark Olbert
City Manager's Office
City Manager Jeff Maltbie 650.802.4228
Asst. City Mgr. Tara Peterson 650.802.4230
Executive Assistant Nekaya Nachmann 650.802.4229    
Sr. Mgmt. Analyst     Kristen Flores 650.802.4204
Communications Coordinator Brian Cary 650.802.4218
Sustainability Coord. Fanny Yang 650.802.4220
Administrative Services
Administrative Services Director Rebecca Mendenhall 650.802.4128
Administrative Assistant Melissa Conci Keefe 650.802.4206
Sr. Management Analyst Jenny Liu     650.802.4205
City Treasurer Mike Galvin 650.483.3001
Financial Services Manager Carrie Tam 650.802.4217
Accounts Receivable Hannah Li 650.802.4213
Accounts Payable Hannah Li 650.802.4213
Business Registration 650.802.4213
Payroll     Karen Cao 650-802-4214
Senior Accountant Paul Harris 650.802.4211
Senior Accountant Tammy Mak 650.802.4216
Human Resources
HR Manager Angie Rodriguez 650.802.4171
HR/Job Opportunities Human Resources


Information Technology
IT Manager William Hoch 650.802.4103
Systems Analyst Behzad Talsoleman 650.802.4104
Systems Analyst  Peter Fong     650.802.4105
Sr. Systems Analyst Manolito Sugui 650.802.4106
Risk Management Administrator
Sr. Management Analyst Jenny Liu 650.802.4205
Community Development
Community Development Director Al Savay 650.802.4209
Administrative Assistant Laurie Cudworth 650.802.4263
Economic Development & Housing
Economic Development Coordinator     650.802.4257
Economic Development Coordinator Martin Romo 650.802.4267
Building Division
Building Official Chris Valley 650.802.4262
Sr. Admin Clerk Tricia Jakic 650.802.4261
Building Inspection Request 650.802.4261
Building Inspector Robert Lord 650.802.4266
Building Inspector Daniel Mauldin 650.802.4260
Building Inspector Daniel Kulda 650.802.4259
Building Inspector      Mark Zugar 650.802.4139
Planning Division
Principal Planner Lisa Porras    650.802.4265
Administrative Assistant Laurie Cudworth 650.802.4263
Sr. Admin. Clerk Maureen McNulty 650.802.4263
Associate Planner Jill Lewis 650.802.4361
Associate Planner Andrea Mardesich 650.802.4258
Contract Planning Technician Brittany Whitehill 650.802.4208
City Clerk/Community Relations
City Clerk/ Director Community Relations Crystal Mui 650.802.4219
Administrative Assistant Teri Peyton-Rehn 650.802.4222
Parks and Recreation (Administration)
Parks & Recreation Director Amy Newby 650.802.4382
Administrative Assistant Vicky Galea 650.802.4421
Parks and Recreation (Classes & Programs)
Acting Recreation Supervisor Tyler Muela 650.802.4120
Sr. Admin Clerk Carol Go 650.802.4382
Rec. Coordinator Janet Guerry 650.802.4116

Parks and Recreation (Adult Community Center)

Recreation Supervisor Anna Kertel 650.802.4114
Rec. Coordinator     Linda Scannell 650.802.4113
Program Coord.     Bev Bouma 650.802.4112
Information Desk        650.802.4384
Parks and Recreation (Athletics)
Acting Recreation Supervisor     Tyler Muela 650.802.4120
Athletics Coordinator Molly Crossfield 650.802.4124
Sports Field Hotline 650.594.2626
Parks and Recreation (Youth Center)
Acting Rec Supervisor Tyler Muela 650.802.4120
Youth Dev. Coord. 650.802.4122
Information Desk 650.802.4471
Engineering/Public Works
Director of Public Works

Jay Walter

Management Analyst  Nicole Scott 650.802.4194
City Engineer

Grace Le

Senior Engineer

Kaveh Forouhi

Civil Engineering Assistant Kathryn Robertson     650.802.4212
Civil Engineering Assistant Henry Pascual 650.802.4198
Civil Engineering Assistant    Mariza Sibal 650.802.4196
Civil Engineering Technician

Ryan Martino                                         

PW Inspections

Public Works (Maintenance) / General Services, Corp Yard
(1000 Bransten Road, San Carlos)
Sr. Administrative Clerk Merle Abaja 650.802.4140
Public Works Superintendent Lou Duran  650.802.4144
Asst. Public Works Superintendent    Chris Zanoni    650.802.4146
Emergency Storm/Sewer/Streets Maintenance Emergency Police Dispatch for After Hours & Weekends Only 650.802.4321
Police Services (Non-Emergency ONLY)
Police Chief Greg Rothaus 650.802.4223
Administrative Assist. Alyssa Duri 650.802.4227
Business (24 hours Non-Emergency) 650.802.4277
Admin Sergeant Steve Pettit     650.802.4226
Patrol Sergeants 650.802.4268
Police Dispatch 650.802.4321
Graffiti Hotline 650.802.4235
Abandoned Vehicle Hotline 650.802.4236
Fire Services (Non-Emergency ONLY)
Fire Station 13 525 Laurel St, San Carlos 650.780.7413
Fire Station 16 1280 Alameda de las Pulgas, San Carlos 650.780.7416
(non emergency)    

Economic Development Advisory Commission
Staff Contact:  Martin Romo, 802-4267


Sara McDowell

Vice Chair

Daniel Guhr



Nancy Luscri



Don Mancini    



Greg Matter 



Leah McMurtry



Josh Zaroor


Parks, Recreation And Culture Commission
Staff Contact:  Amy Newby, 802-4382


Sherry Selwood


Vice Chair

Brad Langford






Wendy Turner   



Adrienne Werner 


Planning Commission
Staff Contact: Lisa Porras, 802-4264


David Silberman 650.892.8379

Vice Chair

Donald W. Bradley 


Shannon Bergman 650.704.9652


Jesse D. Gutierrez



Angela Harper-Pedersen


Residential Design Review Committee
Staff Contact:  Lisa Porras, 802-4264


Donald W. Bradley



Bonnie McClure





San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District
Staff Contact: Tara Peterson, 802-4230


Mairin Joseph Talreja


Single-family House Advisory Committee
Staff Contact: Lisa Porras, 802-4264


Amy Anderson-Giugliano



Adam Kates



Laura Parmer-Lohan



Robert Stafford



Christian Vescia



Ray Viotti



Kate Wormington


Transportation And Circulation Commission
Staff Contact:  Tara Peterson, 802-4230


Sandy Hirschel


Vice Chair

Suzanne Henderson Emerson



Rita Fusaro       



Sandra Nierenberg




Youth Advisory Council
Staff Contact:  Anna Kertel, 802-4114


Sakina Bambot     



Ezra Bergson-Michelson



Ryan Berriatua



Tiffany Chung



Justin Hsu



Kyler Jerome



Tyrese Lopez



Lora Simakova  



Carissa Wong