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Below are the activities that have occurred in 2015 concerning PG&E Line 147 safety issues. 
January     PG&E starts inline inspections of Line 147 to verify the integrity of the pipeline. 
May During the inspection process, PG&E determines that the inline inspection tool cannot make it through the pipeline without some retrofitting at two locations.  PG&E excavates two sections of the line and discovers damaged pipe at one location behind Tasker Lane.  PG&E reduces the pipeline pressure and removes the damaged pipe.  The CPUC takes possession of the pipe and sends it away for testing.  The CPUC requires that PG&E maintain a reduced pressure on the line until the CPUC determines it is safe to raise the pressure and allow the inline inspection to commence. Final retrofit work should be complete in mid-June.
December     PG&E performs an internal inspection of Natural Gas Line 147 using a "Smart Pig" device through the pipeline.  The operating pressure is raised to a maximum of 330 psig during the work and returns to the reduced 125 psig after completion of work.