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Sales Tax by District

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Sales tax data is generated by each business that provides taxable products and services. By making this information available over time, comparisons are possible to identify trends that are tied to specific variables – and their projected impact upon a particular area. As a business district grows, it is helpful to identify the types of businesses that have located recently to determine the strength of the business mix on the overall health and vitality of the district. The sales tax is divided into 6 geographic regions: Downtown, South Laurel, El Camino Real, Old County Road, Industrial, and Harbor Industrial. In 2013, over 55% of the sales taxes generated came from the Industrial segment of the City. Over 79.1% of the sales taxes was generated by Industrial, Harbor Industrial and Old County Road where construction and home improvement related businesses are located and thrive. The City of San Carlos is the epicenter of construction related businesses that contribute positively to the City’s economic vitality. 
  Sales Tax by District