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Eliminating Danger Spots Around the Home

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Here are some tips on common fire danger spots we encounter in many homes and what you can do to eliminate them.

Untreated Shake Roofs

Untreated wood shake roofs, which can catch windblown sparks, are the number one cause of home losses in wildland areas.
Solution: If you re-roof, install a fire resistant roof.

Debris on Roofs

Tinder dry needles and leaves on your roof and in your rain gutters can easily catch fire and endanger your home.
Solution: Sweep your gutters and roof on a regular basis, especially during the dry, hot weather of the fire season.

Tree Limbs Too Close to Your Chimney and Roof

Tree limbs too close to your chimney can easily ignite and endanger your home. Dead limbs overhanging your home may ignite and spread a fire to your home.
Solution: Trim all tree limbs that are within 10 feet of your chimney and remove all dead limbs overhanging your home or garage.

No Screen on Attic and Foundation Vents

Sparks or embers from an approaching wildland fire can get into your home through unprotected vents and ignite your home.
Solution: Cover your attic and foundation vents with wire mesh no larger than 1/2 inch.

No Spark Arrester On Your Chimney

A spark from your chimney can ignite the surrounding wild vegetation.
Solution: To insure that you don't create your own spark hazard, screen your chimneys with 1/2 inch mesh noncombustible wire screening.

Combustible Materials Stored Too Close to Your Home

Firewood or other combustible materials stored too close to your home can ignite and spread a fire into your home.
Solution: Store all combustible materials away from your home and keep the lids on your garbage cans.

No Address Sign Visible From The Street

No visible address number will cause a delay in an emergency. Remember the fire department can not help you if we can not find you.
Solution: Make sure that your home can be quickly identified by ensuring that its address is clearly marked and visible.

Overgrown, Dead Landscaping

Overgrown, dead landscape can ignite and endanger your home.
Solution: Maintain your landscape. Trim and remove any dead vegetation. If you are relandscaping, choose plants that are fire resistive. A list of some of these
fire resistive plants is also available here.