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What is Neighborhood Watch?  Why should I get involved? 

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program which enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in communities.

Unfortunately, the San Carlos Police Bureau cannot be present in every neighborhood all of the time, so citizen involvement is essential to combat crime.  No one knows what is going on your neighborhood as well as you and your neighbors. 

By cooperating with each other and the San Carlos Police Bureau, people can help fight crime in their community in the most effective way – before it starts!

 It involves: 

  • Neighbors getting to know each other, taking the time to care about each other and working together in a program of mutual assistance.
  • The Police Bureau training citizens to recognize and report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods.
  • Citizens implementing crime prevention strategies such as home security and block security.

Please refer to the following handouts for a better understanding of Neighborhood Watch and Crime Prevention in San Carlos: