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Big Canyon Park

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Location: Entrance on the north side of the 3200 block of Brittan Avenue.

Address:  3190 Brittan Avenue

Amenities: Benches, Hiking Trail, Open Space

Acreage: 16

The pathways through the park are rugged, hilly, and narrow, but the entire area remains one of the more beautiful and rustic places in town. It is still a challenging and scenic 1.2 mile hike. The hillside at the park's eastern-most boundary boasts of a spectacular view over the City and the east bay area. Near the entrance, there is a large storm drain, which is maintained on a regular basis by the City Public Works Department. Across the street from the entrance to Big Canyon Park on Brittan Avenue, a sign can be seen pointing out the link with Eaton Park, thus providing a continuous trail through town.

Thanks to Bob Young of the Native Plant Society and Sierra Club Trail Committee, for providing this PDF document listing the Flora at Big Canyon & Eaton Trail.  

Big Canyon Park Bench

Start of Trail Sign at Big Canyon Park