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Eaton Park

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Eaton Park Sign

Location: At the west end of Eaton Avenue

Address:  3000 Eaton Avenue

Amenities: Benches, Hiking Trail, Open Space

Acreage: 57.6

The park is a beautiful, natural open space with meandering trails, natural vegetation, and varied wildlife. It is undeveloped except for its natural trail, which winds its way up the hillside toward Loma Lane. The views from the upper sections of the park are picturesque and allow the viewer to soak in the beauty of the numerous oak and madrone trees in the park below. The present site of the San Carlos 4-H Club, relocated from its Arguello Park location, is in the lower park area at the end of Oak Creek Lane. A fire access road winds its way to the top of the park, beginning at the end of Eaton Avenue.

Thanks to Bob Young of the Native Plant Society and Sierra Club Trail Committee, for providing this PDF document listing the Flora at Big Canyon & Eaton Trail.  

Park Trail Eaton Trail View