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Voting Members

Any resident of San Carlos or a student of a San Carlos School who will be 12 to 18 years of age during the next committee term is encouraged to apply for membership with the Youth Advisory Council. Applications are due the first of May and appointments to the Youth Advisory Council are made in June of each year. Terms run for a period of two years.

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Members-at- Large

Members-at-Large are those youth and teens who would like to participate or gain experience on the Council before applying to be a voting member. Generally, these are our younger members, 6th & 7th graders, and high school members who do not have a large amount of time to commit to the programs of the YAC. We encourage everyone to become a Member-at-Large; no one is turned away from joining the YAC. All Members-at-Large have a voice in the decision-making process, although they do not have a vote at the Council level.