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About the Capital Improvement Program 

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget funds Public Works projects and is developed by the City's Finance Division to forecast and allocate the resources the City will use to build and maintain its infrastructure. Each year the City Council reviews staff recommendations and provides policy directions. CIP projects have no impact in the City's General Fund.  In May 2014, the San Carlos City Council reviewed staff's recommendations for FY 2014-2016 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects. The proposed CIP projects are funded out of the capital project fund, as described in the Capital Improvement Projects FY 2014-2016 CIP documents, and will draw down on capital fund balances over the course of the projects.

Construction Updates 

U.S. 101/Holly Street Pedestrian Overcrossing Project
Posted – June 2016


Project Description: The City of San Carlos, in cooperation with the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) proposes to construct a new Class I pedestrian and bicycle overcrossing (POC) bridge over U.S. 101. The purpose of the project is to reduce pedestrian and bicycle conflicts with vehicles within the U.S. 101/Holly Street interchange and to improve pedestrian and bicycle east-west connectivity across U.S. 101.


Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration for the U.S. 101/Holly Street Pedestrian Overcrossing Project

B11880 Technical Memo - Review of Laboratory Data for Soil Samples Stockpiled Soil, (El Camino Real and Holly Streets)

B11880 Technical Memo - Review of Laboratory Data for Coliform Soil Samples Stockpiled Soil (El Camino Real and Holly Streets)


Current Active Projects                              

C1736, 2017 Sewer Cleaning & Inspection Project
C9351, Pulgas Creek Bridge Repair
C9363, Highlands Park Play Area
C9417, 2015 Striping & Marking Project

C9459, US 101 / Holly St Interchange

C9461, Brittan Widening
C9465, On-Call Sidewalk Repair Project
C9468, TDA Bike Ped Grant
C9531, 2015 Storm Drain Improvements
C9531-16, 2016 Storm Drain Improvement Project
C9610, Shelford Sewer Easement
C9612, 2016 Capacity Assurance Improvement Phase 3
C9612, 2016 Capacity Assurance Improvement Phase 4
C9617, Sewer Lateral Replacement Project
C9617, Sewer Rehabilitation Project
C9617-15C, On-Call Sewer Replacement Project

C9617-16B, 2016 On-Call Sewer Replacement Project

C9756, C9616 City Hall & Corp Yard Generator Project
C9794, PG&E Sustainable Solutions Turnkey (SST) Program
C9840, E. San Carlos Ave & Industrial Signalization Project
Highlands Park Trash Enclosure