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Downtown Employee Parking Facts:

This program provides parking spaces for employers and employees of businesses located in the San Carlos Downtown area, specifically from San Carlos Avenue to Brittan on Laurel Street and from El Camino Real to Walnut Street.  Permit parking is allowed Monday through Saturday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, excluding holidays. It is encouraged that permit holders to sign up for eNotify to ensure they receive notification of impending permit expiration dates and open application periods.  The number of designated parking spaces throughout downtown will vary depending on Wheeler Plaza Construction  Please see the update below for procurement of a Downtown Parking Permit after October 1, 2016.

The current Downtown Parking Permit Program cycle ends September 30, and new parking permits will be available starting September 26.  There are several changes occurring with the program during this cycle, including parking locations and registration procedures.  Please educate yourself and your staff on the following:  

Registration Procedures

The parking application can be found here

Current Downtown Parking Permit holders will not need to apply for new parking permits. A new parking permit will be available to each current permit holder, free of charge, at the Public Works Department counter at City Hall between 9:00 am and noon, and between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm Monday-Friday.  Employees without a current permit can apply at the Public Works counter between 9:00 am and noon, Monday-Friday for their free permit. Proof of employment must be provided for new applicants. 

The new Downtown Parking Permits will not have an expiration date, as the Wheeler Plaza construction schedule is only approximate.  The City anticipates between 17 months to two years before the Downtown Parking Permit Program returns to its normal six-month cycle.

During the construction period, please encourage your employees to use alternate means of transportation (bus, train, walk, bike, carpool), to free up parking availability for downtown customers.

Parking Locations

Effective April 2017, employee permit parking spaces in Wheeler Plaza and Clark Plaza will be relocated to the SamTrans parking structure on Laurel Street and a new employee parking lot on El Camino Real between Arroyo Avenue and Morse Boulevard (see maps below). With a valid Downtown Parking Permit, employees can park their vehicle at the SamTrans structure or the new El Camino Real lot all day at no charge.  Employee permit parking at the South Plaza parking lot will remain unchanged. A notice will be sent out to business owners with a specific date for the change as it gets closer to the end of the year.

Available Employee Parking Effective April 2017