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The City Council adopted a Residential Parking Permit (RPP) program to restrict long-term parking by non-residents in East San Carlos. This program is intended to make it easier for neighborhood residents and businesses to park on-street in their respective parking zones.  

Blocks in the program area will have the following weekday parking restrictions:

Residential Zone:

· 2-hour parking limit between 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays
· Vehicles displaying an East San Carlos Residential parking permit will be exempt from these weekday 2 hour parking restrictions.


South of Holly Street

Residents and businesses in the neighborhood south of Holly Street petitioned to be included in the residential parking permit program in 2015. The Program runs on a calendar year from January – December. Residents, employers and employees can now apply for parking permits. Links to those permit applications are shown above.

North of Holly Street

Residents north of Holly on the blocks of Old County Road, Springfield Drive, Inverness, and Northwood petitioned to be included in the residential parking permit program August 2017.  

Property owners/residents of the blocks of Fairfield, Sylvan, Riverton, and Old County Road may petition to designate their block as part of the residential parking permit program by following these steps:

1.       Download a petition HERE.

2.       Property owners/residents can individually fill out and submit their own petition or they can work with their block to collect multiple signatures on a petition.  Petitions must be signed by 50% of residences within a block (please see the chart below).


West Boundary

East Boundary

Total Number of Units

50% for Inclusion in Program


North end of Fairfield

371 Fairfield



Sylvan Drive

Old County Road





Old County Road




3.       Submit completed petition forms by mail or email to:

City of San Carlos
Attn: Nicole Scott
600 Elm Street
San Carlos, CA 94070

How to Obtain a Residential Parking Permit

Property owners and/or residents in the program area can now apply for their permits. The Program runs on a calendar year from January - December. Residents  are advised to obtain permits before the new Program year starts,  so that they will be exempt from the 2-hour parking limit.

To complete this application, you will need information for each vehicle, including: make, license plate number, and the name of the person to whom it is registered.  The quickest way to get your permit is to complete an online application. 

The City recognizes that some residents may be unable to submit an online application and would prefer a paper application. Residents can download a paper application or visit the City of San Carlos Public Works Department in City Hall to obtain an application.  If you apply in person, please bring information on the make, license plate number and person to whom each vehicle is registered.

To apply for a residential parking permit online, please click here.

To download a paper application for a parking permit, please see below.

Special Event Permits

The free special event permit provides a 24 hour exemption from the 2 hour, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, parking limit in the residential zone. This special event permit is for the guests of residents in the RPP. Residents can apply for up to 6 special event permits at a time.  To apply for a special event permit, you must have an existing residential parking permit account.

Please click
here to apply for a free special event permit.  Once the form has been completed you will receive an email with your special event permits. This email should be printed and placed on the dashboards of up to 6 vehicles as a 24 hour special event parking permit for your guests.

If you have any questions about the residential parking permit program, please contact the Public Works Department at .

Parking Permit Application - Residential
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GESC Residential Parking Permit Program