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South Walnut Area Parking Study

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In response to resident concerns with increased parking by employees and customers of local businesses in the South Walnut area (see map below), the San Carlos City Council directed staff to look into resident and businesses parking concerns and to assess the feasibility of implementing a residential parking permit program. A residential parking permit program may help address parking issues along the residential streets in the   South Walnut area.

South Walnut Area

(Arroyo Avenue south to Eaton Ave, and Elm Street east to El Camino Real)

In addition to a parking permit program, the City will evaluate additional short and long-term parking solutions for residents and businesses.  These will include additional off-street parking sites for local businesses.

Collaboration between the City and residents and businesses to understand the parking issues that are occurring and develop solutions that address those issues.

Summary of the Input at the October 27, 2015 Community Meeting:
To begin the collaboration process with the community, the City hosted a community meeting on October 27, 2015 at White Oaks Elementary School. The summary shown below includes major points from both the verbal comments made at the meeting and the responses from the questionnaires completed by meeting attendees.  

Summary of the October 27, 2015 South Walnut Area Community Meeting (PDF  111.3 KB) 

Shape San Carlos Forum
The City has placed a questionnaire for residents and businesses on the Shape San Carlos Forum  to further understand the parking problem and the interest in a Residential Parking Permit Program as part of the solution.  Please take this opportunity to answer this questionnaire and give the City the benefit of your thoughts and ideas.

Updates on the Study
The City will continue to collect and evaluate community feedback from the Shape San Carlos questionnaire, work with transportation consultant to gather data on the parking issues and identify possible off-street parking solutions, and explore a residential parking program.  It is anticipated that a second community meeting will be held in late 2017.  Updates on schedules and future meetings will be shown on this web page.

For more information, please e-mail city staff at