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Updated 2008 Standard Specifications and Standard Details

Standard Specifications (PDF Complete 2MB) includes guidelines for planning and design sections on General Conditions and Technical Provisions for Public Works construction.

Standard Details (PDF 7.45MB) for Public Works construction includes all drawings on: street, sewer and storm drainage infrastructures including sidewalk, gutter, driveway, manholes, sewer lateral and more.

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Standard Specifications

Standard Details

Part 1 - General Conditions Detail No. 1 & 2 Typical Street Sections
Section 1. Proposal Requirements and Conditions Detail No. 3 Rural Roads
Section 2. Award and Execution of Contract Detail No. 4 Cul de Sac Detail
Section 3. Nature of Contract Detail No. 5 Wedge & Conform Cut
Section 4. Bonds Detail No. 6 Standard Curbs, A.C. Berms and Sidewalk
Section 5. Insurance

Detail No. 7 Monolithic Sidewalk, Curb Return Scoring & Expansion Joints

Section 6. Duties and Responsibilities of Contractor Detail No. 8 Concrete Valley Gutter
Section 7. Duties and Powers of City Detail No. 9 Commercial and Residential Driveways
Section 8. Scope and Intent of Specifications and Drawings Detail No. 10 Driveway Improvements Non-Standard Curb & Gutter Locations
Section 9. Workmanship, Materials and Equipment Detail No. 11 Standard Precast Manhole
Section 10. Prosecution of the Work Detail No. 12 Outside Drop Standard Detail
Section 11. Payment Detail No. 13 Standard Connection to Manhole Walls
Part 2 - Technical Provisions Detail No. 14 Standard Manhole Cover and Frame
Section 1. General Requirements Detail No. 15 Standard 6" Sewer Cleanout
Section 2. Clearing and Grubbing Detail No. 16 Standard Sewer Lateral
Section 3. Earthwork and Grading Detail No. 17 Standard Sewer Lateral Cleanout
Section 4. Erosion Control and Landscaping

Detail No. 17-A Standard Sewer Lateral Pressure Relief Valve

Section 5. Finishing Roadway Detail No. 18 Standard Trench Detail
Section 6. Aggregate Bases Detail No. 19 Obsolete - Reserved for future use
Detail No. 20 Standard Backfill Details
Section 7. Asphalt Concrete Detail No. 21 Standard Catch Basin Type 1
Section 8. Asphalt Concrete Overlay Detail No. 22 Standard Catch Basin Type 2
Section 9. Pavement Patching Detail No. 23 Standard Drop Inlet Type 1
Section 10. Concrete Detail No. 24 Standard Drop Inlet Type 2
Section 11. Concrete Curbs and Sidewalks Detail No. 25 Standard Catch Basin Grate and Frame
Section 12. Construction of Pipelines - General Detail No. 26 Standard Subdrain
Section 13. Drainage Detail No. 27 Pipe Culvert Headwall
Section 14. Sanitary Sewers Detail No. 28 Standard Headwall Type C
Section 15. Roadside Signs Detail No. 29 Concrete Lined Channel
Section 16. Barricades for Dead End Streets Detail No. 30 Standard Structures Monument, Frame & Cover
Detail No. 31 Standard Street Name Signs
Detail No. 32 Standard Road Barricade
Detail No. 33 Gutter Drains
Detail No. 34-A-B-C Curb Ramps Details & Notes
Detail No. 35 Modified Wheelchair Ramp
Detail No. 36 Standard Manhole for Sampling & Flow Measuring
Detail No. 37 Standard Sand and Grease Interceptor
Detail No. 38 Standard Design of Parking Spaces
Detail No. 39 Standard Design of Parallel Parking Spaces
Detail No. 40 & 40-A Handicapped Parking
Detail No. 41 Standard Tree Planting Detail
Detail No. 42 Root Barrier & Root Removal        
Detail No. 43 Tree Root Standard
Detail No. 44 Standard Monument Box Replacement