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Visit the Capital Improvement Program Projects page to view current stormwater projects, and the Master Plans & Department Reports page to view the Draft Storm Drain Master Plan.

The purpose of the City of San Carlos Stormwater Program is to ensure the future health, safety, and general welfare of residents, and protect and enhance the water quality of our watercourse, water bodies, and wetlands in accordance with the Clean Water Act by:

1. Eliminating non-stormwater discharges to the municipal separate storm sewer (MS4);
2. Controlling the discharge to the MS4 from spills, dumping or disposal of materials other than stormwater;
3. Reducing pollutants in stormwater discharges to the maximum extent practicable.

The San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program (SMCWPPP) website is Flows to Bay. This website provides information about reducing and preventing stormwater pollution for residents, contractors, and engineers. Use this website to learn more about countywide events and stormwater best management practices. Help keep our creeks and storm drains clean by reporting illicit discharges and illegal dumping to the Public Works Department (650-802-4200) or on the Flows to Bay website.

Click on the link below for access:

Flows to Bay website

For more information in regards to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) NPDES permit, click on the link below:

Environmental Protection Agency Stormwater website

Below is the Notice to Project Applicants whose projects are required to include stormwater treatment control measures.

Notice to Project Applicants

Below are required Best Management Practices (BMP's) that must be implemented during construction.

Construction Best Management Practice (BMP's) Plan Sheet 

The City's Enforcement Response Plan (ERP) is used to verify, document and enforce the City's Stormwater Ordinance.

City of San Carlos Enforcement Response Plan (ERP)

Below is a link to Chapter 13.14 of the City's Municipal Code titled, "Stormwater Management and Discharge Control"

Stormwater Management and Discharge Control Ordinance

The worksheet below should be filled out whenever a project appears to meet the definition of "Special Project, " per Provision C.3.e.ii of the MRP. The form assists in determining whether a project meets special project criteria, and the percentage of low impact development (LID) treatment reduction credit.  Special Projects that implement less than 100% LID treatment must provide a narrative discussion of the feasibility or infeasibility of 100% LID treatment.

Special Projects Worksheet

The worksheet below should be filled out for individual single family home projects of any size, other projects that create and/or replace less than 10,000 square feet of impervious surface, and projects that create and/or replace less than 5,000 square feet of impervious surface: restaurants, retail gasoline outlets, auto service facilities, and parking lots (stand-alone or part of another use).

Small Project Reporting Sheet

The process below is for projects that create and/or replace 5,000 or more square feet of impervious surface, excluding individual single family home projects.

Stormwater Review Process

The worksheet below should be filled out for all C.3 and C.6 regulated projects.

C.3 and C.6 Reporting Sheet

Grading and Hauling Requirements: Grading and hauling will not be allowed during the rainy season from October through April.  Below is a link to Chapter 12.08 of the City's Municipal Code titled, "Grading and Excavations."

Grading and Excavations Ordinance

Below is a link to Chapter 15.36 of the City's Municipal Code titled, "Dirt Hauling Permits."

Dirt Hauling Permits

For additional information, to report illegal work activity, an illicit discharge, or a general complaint, contact Public Works at (650) 802-4200.