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Completion Date


Alameda and Alma Crosswalk Beacon

June 2012


Burton Park Phase II Development

June 2013


Capacity Assurance Sewer Rehab Phase I (Sewer System Rehabilitation)



City Hall—Convert HVAC to Variable Air System Phase I

June 2013


City Hall—First Floor Public Access Remodel

June 2014


Crosswalk Enhancements—El Camino Real at Belmont Avenue

December 2013


Downtown Trash Receptacles Replacement

September 2013


Industrial Road Drainage Study (including Bing Street driveway flooding)

June 2013


Industrial Road Rule 20B Undergrounding



Pulgas Storm Pump #3 Replacement

June 2013


Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment Repair (Sewer CCTV Inspection Unit/Sewer Pump Station Panel Boards)

June 2013


Streetline Parking Management System



Storm System Cleaning and Inventory



Traffic Signal LED Retrofit

June 2013