2009 State of the Streets Report

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Summary Report 2010

This report describes the City’s pavement management program and the condition of the overall pavement system in the City of San Carlos, as of 2010.  A new evaluation of the City's streets will be conducted in 2013.

Benefits from a Pavement Management Program

The Pavement Management program is an example of an asset management system.  The fundamentals of the Pavement Management System are discussed in a report provided annually to the City Council.  Click here for the latest version of the report

There are three key benefits resulting from the City of San Carlos use of a Pavement Management Program:

  • First, it is required in order for the City to be eligible for funding allocated under the state transportation program. 
  • Second, the system provides a best practices method to prioritize city streets for preventative maintenance, rehabilitation, or reconstruction that is based on a fair and systematic approach to evaluating pavement condition. 
  • Third, the program assists the City in determining how best to use limited funds to their maximum benefit.