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Traffic Count Info

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Average Daily Traffic (ADT) 

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Average Daily Traffic (ADT) for roadway segments in San Carlos.   (5KB)
Note:  ADT was estimated based on PM peak hour turning movement counts at various intersections conducted in March, 2004.

Traffic Conditions at Major Intersections

In March 2006, Hexagon Transportation Consultants compiled a traffic study as part of th Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation San Carlos Center project.
Traffic conditions at the study intersections and on the study freeway segments were analyzed for the weekday AM and PM peak hours of traffic. The AM peak hour of traffic is generally between 7:00 and 9:00 AM, and the PM peak hour is typically between 4:00 and 6:00 PM. It is during these periods that the most congested traffic conditions occur during an average day.

Traffic volumes were obtained from March 2004 turning movement counts at the following intersections:
    1. El Camino Real/Harbor
    2. Harbor/Industrial Road
    3. El Camino Real/Holly St
    4. Holly St/Old County Road
    5. Holly St/Industrial Road
    6. San Carlos Av/Alameda de las Pulgas
    7. San Carlos Av/El Camino Real
    8. Brittan Av/Alameda de las Pulgas
    9. Brittan Av/Industrial Road
    10. Brittan Av/El Camino Real
    11. Brittan Av/Old County Road
    12. Howard Av/El Camino Real
    13. Howard Av/Old County Road

To view the existing peak-hour intersection traffic volumes.  (373KB)