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Studies & Reports done for the City of San Carlos

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  • 2006 Natural Resources Task Force Report (369kB PDF, PDF icon)- Report issued by the Natural Resource Task Force containing goals, policies and actions relating to general natural resources issues, conservation and resource management, creeks and watersheds and open space. This report built upon the 2001 San Carlos Sustainable Community Work Plan which contains a five year plan to promote environmental stewardship in San Carlos.
  • 2007 Flooding, Land Use and Creeks (FLUC) Recommendation Report (141kB PDF, PDF symbol) -The Flooding, Land Use and Creeks ad hoc advisory Committee report of recommendations to the City Council including creating an enforceable riparian ordinance, providing better public information for creek side property owners, establishing a watershed plan, working with neighboring jurisdictions and enhancing City Staff communication and training regarding creek policies.
  • 2003 Downtown Citizen's Retail Advisory Committee Report (812kB PDF, pdf icon)- This is the final report of the findings and recommendations of the Downtown Citizen's Retail Advisory Committee which met in 2003. The committee was charged with assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the downtown and identifying strategies for supporting its economic vitality.
  • 2006 Real Estate Market Study (PDF, PDF icon)- This is a citywide economics and real estate market study. In preparing this study, the City's objectives included to have this study serve as a guide as to how much and what types of real estate development is realistic over the next 20 years in order to facilitate effective land use planning, to provide input for the City to pursue economic development strategies which are supported by market forces and to recommend strategies for the City to enhance its long - term fiscal position. This document was a resource in preparation of the Economic Development Plan.
  • Master Environmental Assessment (165kB PDF, PDF icon)~ Multifamily - The Master Environmental Assessment (MEA) is an environmental document prepared to analyze any potential environmental impacts associated with the future redevelopment of existing single family homes with multi-family development within the western perimeter of the Downtown area. The purpose of this study is to assess whether these multi-family developments in combination with one another would create a significant environmental effect as defined by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The conclusions of the MEA was that the cumulative multifamily development of these parcels currently containing single family homes would not result in significant environmental impacts.