City of San Carlos - Parking
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I want to construct more parking in front of my house. How do I go about doing this?
Since you will most likely be constructing your parking in the public right-of-way, you will need an encroachment permit from the city before you do any work. For further information, call the San Carlos Public Works Department, at (650) 802-4195 and encroachment permits.

May I work on my car in front of my house?
You may only perform routine maintenance or emergency repairs outdoors. Minor repairs may be made in your driveway as long as the car is registered to the address where the work is taking place or registered to the person who is doing the work. All other repairs must be done in an enclosed garage. Work may not be done in the public right-of-way and storage of vehicle parts within public view is prohibited.

My neighbor has an old, beat-up car, boat, or RV parked in front of his/her house and it looks terrible. What can I do about it?
For Parking on the Street--San Carlos has an ordinance that a vehicle within the city must be moved every 72 hours (three days) at least two-tenths of a mile. Only currently registered and fully operable vehicles (cars, boats, etc.) may be parked on the street. Parking on many of our streets is very limited and is far too valuable for storing inoperable vehicles.

For Parking on Private Property--Only vehicles that are registered and that can be legally operated on a California highway may be parked outside a fully enclosed garage. Parking must be on paved or surfaced areas--not on dirt or lawns! The vehicle must be able to move forward and backward under its own power.

Remember--Beat-up, inoperable cars are a sign of Blight and send the message that people don't care about their property. This invites crime and lowers property values. It hurts the neighborhoods and the city.

To report a complaint for vehicles on the street or private property, call the Police Department's Abandoned Vehicle Hotline 

My neighbors keep parking in front of my house! What can I do?
There is no law requiring people to park their own cars in front of their own houses. Any legally registered, operable vehicle may be parked on the street in the public right-of-way. However, everyone seems to appreciate people keeping their cars parked in front of their own property.

There are so many cars parked on both sides of my street I can barely drive past them! Is there anything I can do about it?
Cars parked on the street should not interfere with emergency vehicle access, such as fire engines, ambulances, and police vehicles. If you can't get your vehicle through, the emergency vehicles probably can't get through either. Ask your neighbors to move their cars. For further information, call the Police Department at (650) 802-4277

What should I do if my vehicle has been towed?
If the San Carlos Police Department towed your vehicle, call that department at (650) 802-4277 to find out what tow company has your vehicle. If your vehicle was towed for an expired registration, you must also bring proof of current registration.

You must possess a valid California Driver's License if you will be driving the vehicle away after paying the towing fees.

Where are the city's public parking plazas located?
There are four public parking plazas. The Wheeler Plaza is located behind the Wells Fargo Bank and Foodville stores (600 block), adjacent to Walnut Street. Clark Plaza is located behind the Bank of America (700 block)--between Cherry and Olive Streets. Williams Plaza is located at Schneider's, (600 block) generally between Cherry Street and San Carlos Avenue. South Plaza is located behind Bell Market (800 block), adjacent to Walnut Street. The Chamber of Commerce administers an Employee Permit Parking Program on behalf of the city to encourage downtown merchants to park in areas less convenient and leave those more accessible spaces to their customers.