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HIP logoHIP Housing TextHIP offers readily available resources for low cost housing in San Mateo County. Ongoing programs include Homesharing Help and Information, Self-Sufficiency, Home Equity Conversion Program, and Property Development. Call (650) 348-6660.

  • Homesharing Help and Information Program is a one-on-one service linking people who have housing to share with those seeking housing. Each person has a private room and shares common living areas. HIP interviews clients and makes referrals to match people in housing.
  • Self-Sufficiency Program provides affordable housing and supportive services to low-income families transitioning from welfare-to-work. The services include overall case management and support, connection to community resources, and the presentation of monthly Life Skills Workshops.
  • Home Equity Conversion Program provides objective information and counseling on ways seniors can turn their accumulated home value into spendable cash so they can remain independent in their homes. The most common type of home equity conversion is a reverse mortgage. HIP Housing’s Counselor is AARP & HUD certified.
  • Property Development develops new and acquires and rehabilitates existing rental housing to provide affordable housing for low-income households in San Mateo County.

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