City of San Carlos - Commission Members


Transportation & Circulation Commission Members

The City Council established the Transportation and Circulation Commission to advise the City Council and other City agencies on motorized and non-motorized transportation matters within the City of San Carlos.

The Transportation & Circulation Commission 
meets every third Tuesday of the month and holds its regular meetings at 7:00 p.m., City Hall, Council Chambers, 600 Elm Street, San Carlos
(Municipal Code §2.24.300, adopted by Ordinance 1383 February, 2007)


Email Business Phone

Term Expires

Suzanne Henderson Emerson (Vice-Chair) 650-281-9805 6/30/2019

Rita Fusaro 6/30/2020

Sandy Hirschel (Chair) 650-520-3020 6/30/2019

Sandra Nierenberg 6/30/2019

Tom Walker 408-307-9765 6/30/2020