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YAC Roles and Goals

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     The Youth Advisory Council advises the City Council on matters relating to the youth and teen population within the City of San Carlos.  This may include programs relating to safety, recreation, drug awareness, special interests, sports, community involvement, socialization, and environmental concerns.

    In addition, the YAC promotes and conducts healthy, safe and fun activities for the youth of San Carlos.  Fund raising for youth oriented projects is also an important role of the YAC.  All funds are distributed on the sole recommendation of the San Carlos Youth Advisory Council and it’s members.  Giving back to the community is an important aspect of the YAC.


1.)    Foster greater involvement of youth in municipal government affairs.

2.)    Study problems, activities, and concerns of youth, especially as they relate to municipal programs or projects of the City of San Carlos.

3.)    Hold forums on problems, activities and concerns of youth, either alone or in conjunction with other governmental agencies and community organizations, as the Youth Advisory Council deems desirable.

4.)    Recommend the implementation of community programs which the Youth Advisory Council deems desirable.

5.)    Review those municipal matters referred to by the City Council or other City committees and, as appropriate, make recommendations on those matters.


For more information on the San Carlos Youth Advisory Council,

please call 802-4471, Jeri Fujimoto, YAC Advisor

or write to San Carlos YAC, 1001 Chestnut Street, San Carlos, CA 94070