San Carlos, CA

Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission

About the Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission

The Parks, Recreation and Culture (PR&C) Commission makes recommendations to the City Council regarding current and potential programs, services and facilities related to parks and recreation.
PR&C Commissioners work to gather input, make recommendations and advocate positions reflective of the needs of the community as a whole.  The Commission enjoys a close working relationship with staff, through the Parks and Recreation Director, which makes the work enjoyable, meaningful and beneficial to the community. Our goal is to help the community be happy, healthy and active.


The Commission meets on the first Wednesday of even months at 7 p.m.

Current PR&C Commission Members
Robert Bollier 6/30/2026
Tony Chao 6/30/2025
John Durkin 6/30/2025
Cecile Lee 6/30/2025
Julie Lubetkin 6/30/2027

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