San Carlos, CA

City Treasurer

637430222847000000Inge Tiegel
Phone: (650) 802-4165
Term of Office:  November 2020 - November 2024


Our City Treasurer is elected for a term of four years and paid a monthly salary of $560. Our City Treasurer is responsible for the receipt, custody and management of funds, investment of funds and deposits of funds in accordance with the procedures set forth in Government Code Section 53630 et seq.


Elected to the position of Treasurer in November 2020, Inge Tiegel Doherty is looking forward to continuing to serve the community as an elected official, ensuring fiscal and investment oversight for the City of San Carlos, C/CAG, and  Her position includes having responsibility for the safe management of funds, increasing investment potential, minimizing risk and evaluating the financial needs of the community.

Treasurer Inge Tiegel Doherty has been active in the San Carlos community, as well as local civic affairs for much of the last 30+ years.  Her service with the City of San Carlos started in 1987 when she helped lead the successful annexation of the Harbor Industrial area to the City.  During the same time, Inge was appointed and served on the San Carlos Economic Development Advisory Committee until 1995, when she was appointed as a Planning Commissioner for two terms. In 2001, she was elected to the San Carlos City Council, serving for 6 years including as Vice-Mayor and Mayor.  During this time, she worked on progressive, visionary and fiduciary responsible programs that helped to ensure a continued high quality of life for our residents and local business.

With her extensive experience as Councilmember and successful change management consultant, she has a deep understanding of finance and budgets, and their impacts on organizations.  She is a member of the California Municipal Treasurers Association.

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