San Carlos, CA

City Clerk

The City Clerk’s office provides the residents of San Carlos, the City Council, and staff with access to public records and ensure all facets of agenda preparation, public meetings, and municipal elections are conducted according to State law.

Public Meetings
Visit the public meetings portal to view agendas, packets, minutes, and videos for archived and upcoming published meetings.

Public Meetings Portal

Boards and Commissions
One of the hallmarks of our city is involving members of the community in the review and discussion of the many key issues that affect our community. To assist with this process, the City Council makes appointments to the Commissions and Boards. 

Learn more about Boards and Commissions

Public Notices

View upcoming Public Hearing Notices and General Public Notices

General Municipal and Special Elections
We are a General Law City that holds our elections during the month of November in even-numbered years. We have six, at-large elected officers – five Council Members and one City Treasurer. Each seat has a term of four years. The Mayor and Vice-Mayor are appointed by the City Council for a one-year term in December.

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Municipal Code

View the San Carlos Municipal Code

Public Records and Requests
The City Clerk's Office maintains all official public records in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Records we maintain include ordinances and resolutions, agreements, meeting minutes, campaign disclosures and statements of economic interest.

Public Records

Registry to Opt Out of Solicitor Visits
Do unwanted solicitations bother you? If you’re a resident or business owner in San Carlos and don’t want solicitors on your premises, please fill out the Do Not Knock Registry Form.

Do Not Knock Registry Form

Registry to Opt Out of Handbills
If you’re a resident or business owner in San Carlos who doesn’t want unsolicited or unsubscribed handbills or literature of any kind from distributors on your premises, please opt out here:

Opt Out of Handbills Form

How to Read an Agenda
Learn how to read an agenda for an upcoming City Council Meeting.

How to Read an Agenda

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