San Carlos, CA

City Centennial Advisory Committee

In 2025, we'll celebrate 100 years in the City of Good Living!
Train Station black and white photoThe City Centennial Advisory Committee, comprised of business owner/operators, a diverse group of residents and community members and representatives from City Commissions and non-profit organizations, works to develop the overall vision and mission for a 100th anniversary celebration that is reflective of the San Carlos community.

The Centennial Advisory Committee meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month in the evening and as needed.
Composition of the Centennial Advisory Committee

Organizations Primary Member Alternate Member
Mayor of San Carlos John Dugan  
Vice Mayor of San Carlos Sara McDowell  
Adult Community Center - Friends of the ACC Louise Della-Maggiora Patti Brown
Chamber San Mateo County Paula Ebejer-Moffitt, Chair Brian Perkins
Community Foundation of San Carlos Will Strohl Jessica Yang
Kiwanis Club of San Carlos Jay Strauss Rosie Jimenez
Parks & Recreation Foundation of San Carlos Richard Armanino Debbie Denton
Rotary Club of San Carlos Ramesh Kamath Neil Lundy
San Carlos Education Foundation Scott Cleaveland Jessie Myers
San Carlos History Museum Gordy Burton Ellen Bateman
San Carlos Lions Club Jean Dehner Connie Barton-Barba
San Carlos School District Jennifer Gaboury Kim Norgaard
Economic Development Advisory Commission Sailesh Mehra Rajesh Krishnan
Parks, Recreation & Culture Commission Mark Maxwell John Durkin
Planning Commission Janet Castaneda David Roof
Youth Advisory Council Sufiya Kaul, Vice Chair Maya Kacholiya
Business Owner/Operator Allison Rak Lesley Hoelper
Community Members/Residents Cris Adair Marci Lyzun
  Twisha Anand Susan Rose
  Cori Carpenter  
  Joe Fimiani  
  Linda Garvey  

For more information about the Committee, email Amy Newby, Parks and Recreation Director at

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