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Creek Maintenance

Creek Locations (San Carlos)
The City of San Carlos invites you to participate in the clean-up of three creeks: Cordilleras Creek, Pulgas Creek, and Brittan Creek. These creeks run adjacent to private properties throughout the City. The City’s creeks are one of the many qualities that contribute to the aesthetic charm and brilliance of San Carlos.

Creek Clean-Up Tips

  • Remove all yard clippings. Yard clippings in the creek can lead to erosion and flooding.
  • Remove all litter and other substances not native to the creek area that are obvious pollutants.
  • Do not disturb the natural creek habitat and inhabitants. In cases where large woody material is causing rapid bank erosion by redirecting stream flow, or creating a flood hazard on the property, modification or removal of this material may be warranted. Please contact the California Department of Fish and Game at (707) 428-2002 for advice and information at least two weeks in advance of
    the start of your work.
  • For your own safety, wear gloves, closed toe shoes and protective clothing.
  • Do not touch any animals, dead or alive, or attempt to move any injured animals. Please contact the Humane Society at (650) 340-7022 to report any animals that are in need of aid.
  • Please be certain that any children participating in the clean-up are supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Do not attempt to alter the topography of the streambed or stream banks. 
    Please recycle any cans, glass or plastic bottles that are found during the clean-up.

Annual Creek Clean-Up 2023

Creek Clean-up Day is an important event for San Carlos. San Carlos creek and stream areas are not only important channels for rainwater to pass through, they are an invaluable natural resource and a habitat for many different forms of wildlife, including birds, fish, and natural vegetation.

The City of San Carlos invites you to play an integral role in preserving and maintaining our creek and stream waterways. By protecting and preserving both properties and the environment, you will help create a win-win situation and contribute to a wealth of aesthetic and recreational benefits! Proper care and maintenance of creek and stream waterways contribute to the following:

  • Minimizes Erosion
  • Preserves Water Quality
  • Avoids Flood Damage
  • Contributes to Survival of Fish & Wildlife
  • Minimizes Creek Contamination
  • Preserves Creek in a Natural State
  • Keeps San Carlos Beautiful!
Regular Maintenance: The City requires that property owners maintain sections of the creek that pass through their properties. This includes maintaining a 25-foot natural buffer between the top of the bank and any development. 

How the Event Works:

On Saturday, September 16, all creek-side residents and neighbors are invited and encouraged to volunteer to clean up the area of the creek that runs adjacent to the property. Please clean up any trash, yard clippings or any other materials that are not natural or native to the creek area.


On Monday, September 18, City crews will pick up items removed from the creek areas.
Place all items removed from the creek area in garbage bags and place them at the curb in front of the creek-side residence no later than 8:00 a.m. on Monday. PLEASE CALL (650) 802-4140 AND LEAVE A MESSAGE TO BE PLACED ON THE PICK-UP LIST. Please include your name and address in the message.

Additional Resources
San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution
Prevention Program. Prevents pollution of local water bodies: creeks, SF Bay and Pacific Ocean. (650) 599-1433 or

Our Water, Our World. Website that assists in managing home and garden pests in a safer way.
Streamkeepers. Educational resource for stream protection, monitoring and restoration.
San Mateo County Household Hazardous Waste Program. Disposal of waste such as paints, pool chemicals and pesticides. (650) 372-6200 or
Yard Waste Composting, San Mateo County. (888) 442-2666
Shoreway Environmental Center — Transfer Station. Dispose of yard debris, tree clippings and building materials at 333 Shoreway Road, San Carlos. (650) 802-8355 or

Other useful websites:

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