San Carlos, CA


Building Permit

A Building permit is required to construct any new structure or improve existing buildings and other structures. The more common building permit applications are for new construction or remodels to residential housing, commercial and industrial buildings, and accessory structures.

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Business Permit

A business registration is an annual tax for doing business within the incorporated area of the City of San Carlos. The San Carlos Municipal Code requires that you obtain a registration when you conduct any business activity within the City - even if your business is located OUTSIDE the city limits or you have a business registration from another city.

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Parking Permit

Parking permits are available for the employees of the Civic Center and downtown, employees and residents of Greater East San Carlos, and residents of Holly Street.

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Public Works Permit

Public Works permits include encroachment permits and transportation permits. To learn more about these permits, visit the Public Works Permit page.

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Tree Removal Permit

As outlined in the City’s Protected Tree Ordinance (SCMC 18.18.070), a protected tree removal permit is required to remove a protected tree or prune 25% or more of the protected tree canopy or root system. The City of San Carlos monitors the City’s tree canopy and requires residents to get a protected tree removal permit before any activity related to protected trees as outlined can take place.

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